Rocol Electra Clean Spray 300ml

by Rocol

Rocol Electra Clean Spray 300ml

Electra Clean Spray is a powerful cleaner designed for use on electrical equipment and components. In addition to efficient cleaning, it evaporates to leave no residue. It is NSF Registered category code K2 as suitable for cleaning electronic instruments and devices in and around food processing areas. The cleaner is also ideal for use in many other industrial environments.

Designed to remove grime, grease and dirt from all electrical instruments and devices including control panels, motors, contacts and switches. Compatible with most commonly used plastics.

Electraclean Spray has a 3600 valve system enabling it to be sprayed from any angle.

Electraclean Spray has a blue mini-jet spray nozzle for accurate application and easy identification as a foodsafe product.

Electraclean Spray does not contain: mineral hydrocarbons, animal derived materials, nut oils or genetically modified ingredients.

FDA Group 21 CFR 178-3570.

NSF K2 Registered 124471.

Size: 300ml.