Rocol Foam Cleaner Spray 400ml

by Rocol

Rocol Foam Cleaner Spray 400ml

Rocol Foam Cleaner Spray is a water based foam cleaner in aerosol format. It is NSF Registered category code A1 as suitable for use in and around food processing areas. The cleaner is also ideal for use in many other industrial environments.

The product produces a fast acting white foam to efficiently clean work surfaces. The foam will cling to vertical surfaces, preventing contamination by run-off or dripping. Cuts through all general grime, grease, dirt and other workplace contamination and the foaming action ensures long contact time for effective cleaning, even on vertical surfaces, and has an anti-static formulation.

Meets the requirements of The Food Safety Act 1990 and does not contain mineral hydrocarbons, animal derived materials, nut oils or genetically modified ingredients etc. Blue spray nozzle for easy identification as a foodsafe product.

FDA Group 21 CFR 178-3570

NSF A1 Registered - 123858

Size: 400ml spray.