RF06B-3 (06B-3) BS GT4 Winner Chain - High Performance

by Tsubaki

Tsubaki is proud to introduce the 4th generation, enhanced BS/DIN European premium chain. The product is available in chain sizes from RF06B up to RS48B*. Simplex, duplex and triplex executions are at your disposal.

Lube Groove (LG) Bush
Tsubaki Lube Groove (LG) seamless bushes are precision components and perfectly cylindrical. Our special lube grooves hold oil at the point of contact, where the chain needs it most, providing an internal reservoir for lubricant. The result is a chain that lasts longer with lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of the chain. 

Seamless Bush: Perfectly Cylindrical 
The new Tsubaki BS/DIN series chain has a seamless bush with a very precise cylindrical profile and surface finishing resulting in better surface contact between the pin and bush, and improved lubricant retention.

Ring Coin: Increased Transmission Capacity
The Ring Coined connecting link allows the chain to be specified up to its full kW rating. The precision and strength achieved on these components is far beyond that of competitor's offerings. The typical standard slip-fit connecting link is usually much weaker than the other links. Tsubaki's Ring Coin technology has overcome that.